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Theatre meets Critic is a LA based theatre review blog and podcast written and hosted by Oliver Boon


I've spent the past five years in Los Angeles, navigating the bustling world of an Actor/Writer/Sound Mixer (yes, I'm aware that more slashes might make me seem less serious). Despite this reputation, I've been deeply immersed in the theatre scene here, and I have to say—it's been a revelation.

When you think of theatre in America, New York is the first city that comes to mind, followed by Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston. LA is typically seen as the epicenter of TV and film. However, the city's theatre scene is vibrant and growing, fueled by a community of talented actors eager to showcase their skills and tell their stories. 

With the rise of independent theatre, more and more unique and powerful productions are emerging, proving that LA is indeed a theatre city.

This blog will be a space where I share my thoughts on the many shows I watch and highlight the incredible emerging talent I encounter along the way. As someone who loves theatre, enjoys discussing it, and wants to improve my critical writing, this feels like the perfect outlet. I aim to provide insightful and engaging reviews, capturing the essence of each performance I see and shining a light on the new voices and faces that make the LA theatre scene so dynamic.

So, join me on this journey as I dive into the rich and diverse world of Los Angeles theatre.

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